Anonymous: good luck in your life sweetie :) I hope it brings you everything good and wonderful!


<33 that’s so sweet, i wish you the same !!

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i don’t know if you’ve noticed but i’ve been away for like 3 months. so first of all, thanks for not unfollowing me lol you guys are amazing. it’s just that things got messy in life and school took 99,9999% of my time anyway i had neither time nor patience for tumblr. and sooo much has changed mow i just can’t see tumblr in my life again… so i’m going to delete. thanks for EVERYTHING, even if we never talked, be sure that just by being a part of this website and following me you were a huuuge part in my life so thanks <3. i love you all and who knows?? maybe i’ll be back someday…. I’ll miss you… 

Natalie Dormer photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg for V Magazine, September 2013

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natalie dormer

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easy a


remember when you put your glasses on for the first time and you realized you could see leaves on trees

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alexandra daddario

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peter capaldi

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doctor whobrotp: partners in crime


if you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that if you were a fictional character people would probably love you for all your flaws and quirks and mannerisms that you probably hate so just remember that okay ilu

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